One webspace for everything and everyone

We take great pride in providing quality hosting at some of the lowest prices on the market - both for webspaces and domains.

Easy & Seamlessly

We have a clear goal that a webspace just has to work, period. So that you can focus on your website without worrying about if your hosting is working or not.

Can be expanded if needed

Start with our smallest and cheapest webspace, after which you will always have the option of upgrading to a bigger solution if needed. No hassle and no extra charge!

The best support for everyone

We offer the same fast and helpful support to all of our customers; large as well as small, private users as well as businesses.

1-Click installation

Through our control panel you can install e.g. WordPress, Typo3, Drupa, and Joomla on your webspace. All it takes is one click - without having to worry about setup.


Basic Suite

2.00 EUR/mo.

10 GB website space

Unlimited e-mail addresses

Unlimited traffic

Unlimited associated domains

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Pro Suite

10.00 EUR/mo.

100 GB website space

Unlimited e-mail addresses

Unlimited traffic

Unlimited associated domains

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Praised by our customers

No downtime, quick setup, and easy to use.

PERFEKT score på Trustpilot

Outstanding email

We hate spam and virus just as much as you do. Our anti-spam and antivirus filter is extremely efficient and in a league of its own. Our mailing system is rock solid, and we know how important it is that your email is delivered without delay and is always available.

Full daily backup

Every night we take a full and complete backup of all your data, so if anything happens, your website is secured.


We are known for providing rock solid website hosting - one second of downtime is too much. We always make sure to have the maximum amount of uptime, which we know you expect.


We know how important it is for our customers to have access to the latest features in programming. Therefore, we always aim to offer the latest versions of ASP.NET, .NET Core and PHP, as well as the most popular modules for these.

Get started easily

At UnoEuro you get a webspace that is set up and ready to use from the second you buy it.

WordPress in just a few seconds

With our 1-Click Installer, you can install and get started with WordPress in under a minute. Forget all about database details and file permissions - it just works.

Umbraco compatible

On all of our Windows web hosting services you can use ASP.NET and this means that Umbraco works painlessly with us, without any special modifications or rights.

Online file manager

With our clever online file manager, it is fast and easy to edit, erase, and upload files to your webspace. Without using a FTP program.

Smart control panel

Straightforward, smart, easy, and functional control panel - our system takes you by the hand, and helps you all the way to the finish line.

Email anywhere

With our awesome webmail, and rock solid email service, you can safely place your email with us.

  • Automatic forwarding and auto responders.
  • Effective and adjustable anti-spam & antivirus.
  • Webmail: Online address book.
  • SSL encrypted mail traffic.
  • Outgoing SMTP server can you use anywhere.

Modern online webmail

Receive and send your emails online, no matter where in the world you are.

Smart english control panel

We have built our own control panel from scratch. You will not find this control panel with any other provider in the world.

One login for everything

In our control panel, you can gather and manage all of your products with one single login.

Extremely user-friendly

Down to the smallest detail, the control panel is designed to be easy to use, but to still offer all the features you could possibly wish for.

Focus on security

We have taken an enormous amount of precaution when it comes to security. You can e.g. activate additional security functions, such as 2-factor login.

Full control

You can access your payments, set up renewals, create more email accounts, manage DNS, and much, much more. All from one and the same control panel.

Technically superior

We always do our best to deliver the latest and best technologies to our customers without compromising security or the customer experience.

PHP webspaces

  • Apache
  • PHP 7
  • Full access to .htaccess file changes
  • mod_rewrite, mod_deflate, mod_headers, mod_expires mm.
  • ionCube Loader
  • ImageMagick

ASP.NET webspaces

  • ASP.NET Integrated pipline
  • .NET Core
  • Access with IIS Manager
  • Web Deploy 2.0 & Webmatrix
  • Microsoft IIS
  • URL Rewrite
  • ASP.NET Full Trust Level

Er du interesseret i alle de tekniske detaljer? Så tag et kig på vores produktside.

Data centre

All our servers are in located in Denmark, in our very own modern server room.

Our infrastructure is not outsourced. We have full control from one end to the other. This means we can deliver the best experience possible to our customers, and maintain an extremely fast reaction time towards possible issues, no matter where and how they may occur.

  • All servers and services are monitored around the clock
  • 24-hour surveillance service is alerted of all operational problems
  • 10GBit redundant internet through TDC and Telia
  • Strong firewalls with DDoS protection
  • The server room is fireproof
  • Diesel generators and UPS in case of power outages
  • Auditor approved safety procedures

Get started right away

You get all of this for a price starting at 2.00 EUR/mo.